AEE Magicame S71 4K


Action cameras have been around but their 4K ultra HD counterparts are a relatively new addition to the mix and offer a wonderful mix of the hardy toughness of conventional outdoor activity cameras combined with the exquisite capacity to film your sports and outdoor adventures in full 4K ultra HD resolution at a decent frame rate.

This is what the AEE S71 Outdoor Edition Sports video camera offers to its users and although its nowhere near as popular or well known as the GoPro Hero line of 4K action cameras, it does deliver the goods from inside a tough, rugged external case that’s built to endure plenty of dust, grit, bumps and water splash that you might end up putting it through as you use it.

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Lens: 150°

Video: 4K 15/12fps; 2.7K 30/24fps; 1080p 60/48/30/24fps; 720 120/60fps

Photo: 16MP

Battery life: 2 hours

Features: WiFi, Android & iOS app, Time Lapse, Burst mode Max MicroSD 64GB

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